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Passionfruit Seltzer

Seltzers are all the rage this Summer. Don't spend a motser on cans of White Claw, just make this refreshing recipe at home instead!

Passionfruit Seltzer Recipe



1 shot of Newy Distillery Passionfruit Vodka

1 can passionfruit pulp

1 tsp Simple Syrup

1-2 lime wedges

Sparkling Mineral Water




1. To a glass, add the ND Passionfruit Vodka, ice, and Simple Syrup. Add 2 tbsp of pulp, passing it through a cocktail strainer if preferred.

2. Add the mineral water and more ice. Squeeze a lime wedge into the glass and stir, before garnishing with the remaining wedge. Enjoy!

Passionfruit Vodka

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