Artist Collab: Mitch Revs x Newy Distillery

Here at Newy Distillery, we're dedicated to supporting local. Our town is a prime hub for all things art and culture, with Newcastle's inclusive nature providing the space for inventive folks to vibe and thrive. We've decided to help support our fellow creatives through these uncertain times by pairing up with a couple of special artists to make some snazzy products.
On that note, we're incredibly excited to introduce the
MITCH REVS x ND Collection!
Mitch Revs x ND
Our friend Mitch has been milling around Newcastle's art scene since before 2013, originally starting out as an apprentice tattooist, and eventually transitioning into an artistic all-rounder. Mitch's vibrant style has made him a household name in the Novocastrian community, with his gorgeous gallery on Hunter Street giving people of all ages the opportunity to participate in his craft.
Mitch Revs x ND
Here is what Mitch had to say about his artwork, and what inspired him to create it:
"For digital illustrations such as this one, I have to research the area. I find old images, go for a walk around there and then I go home, sit and draw," Mitch said. "My inspiration for these artworks are my surroundings. The ocean, the community, nature and animals. I do what I do because I genuinely love it."
"My art represents how my brain works - especially the digital illustrations. There is always so much going on and this reflects the 100 thoughts I have bouncing around at any given time," he continued.
"My art in general reflects my attitude: positive, bright and happy. I use vibrant colours to brighten people’s day and I leave little quotes that I hope put a smile on someone’s face."
Mitch Revs x ND
Make sure you check out more of Mitch's awesome work at the Mitch Revs Gallery!
You can purchase the Mitch Revs x ND Vodka and Dry Gin on our website, or directly from our distillery during trading hours.
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