Introducing: Our Brand New Labels!

2020 has been a big year of change for everyone, including all of us here at Newy Distillery. And although some of those changes have been pretty crappy, this one is actually quite the opposite. Say hello to... our brand new labels!
New Labels
We decided to give our labels a fun little revamp in order to give our products a bit more of a shine. Not only are they much easier to read, but they are also unmistakeably cute as hell!
One of the more noticeable updates is the name of our well-renowned Magic Vodka and Gin. These special guys have decided to change their stage name to Butterfly Pea, after the cool plant that gives them their unique magical edge.
Just because the bottle looks different, doesn't mean our products are any less fabulous. In fact, underneath those flash new labels is the same sensational spirit that you all love and know.
We hope you enjoy our new look just as much as we do!
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