How Gin is made at Newy Distillery!

There is plenty of science behind the production of gin and I could talk for hours on how to make gin but here is an outline of how it is done...

Gin is made from a base spirit which is then infused with flavours to give the gin taste. The first part is to create a quality base spirit. This base spirit is distilled from what is known as a "wash".

This wash is created from high quality sugar, purified water, yeast and our secret nutrients. These are all combined in a fermenter and left to sit and ferment for around 5 weeks. There's plenty of science behind how the sugar turns into alcohol but I won't bore you with that, maybe in another post for those who are interested, or you can do some other research in the meantime. Once the sugar has all been fermented then the wash is ready to be turned into a spirit.

The next step is to distil the wash through the still. The pot of the still is heated and boils the wash at just below the boiling point of water to essentially boil the alcohol out of the wash.

Once the pot is boiling, vapours begin to rise and head up out of the top of the pot, through a column filled with copper plates and chambers which further refine and purify the spirit.

We distil our gin three times and in the third time around we fill the botanicals basket with various, berries, herbs and spices to turn the spirit into gin. Distilling the gin 3 times makes the gin remarkably smooth and a true top shelf worthy spirit.

Once the vapours pass through the seven chambers in our still the vapours then pass through the botanical basket, steaming the botanicals and releasing the flavours into the spirit, turning it into gin. 

The gin that comes out is 94% alcohol, we then use purified water to dilute it down to the desired strength.

The gin is then bottled, labelled and sent out to you to enjoy!

Yes there are many steps in between but this gives you an overall idea of how our gin is made.

By Luke Storey

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