Secrets of our Signature Gin

Our signature gin is craftfully made using 16 different ingredients which combined in our secret balance of flavours produces a delightfully tasting botanical gin. We have developed this formula using extensive research and trials, liaising with gin experts as well as chefs to work out the right balance of flavours to produce for you our Newy Distillery Signature Gin.


juniperus communis is the key ingredient in gin. In fact you cannot call a spirit “gin” unless it’s key ingredient is juniper.The berries are dark purple, resembling a small shrivelled blueberry, have a strong, pine-like taste, and take several years to ripen.

Coriander Seeds

The second most important ingredient in gin. Coriander seeds give the taste of the gin a hint of ginger/lemon. It also adds to the unique smell of gin. For those who are not a fan of coriander, we use fresh orange peel to offset the coriander taste, so don’t let this put you off our gin or just about any other gin out there.

Star Anise

It gives the gin a hint of liquorice flavour, we only use sparingly so you don’t get an overpowering liquorice flavour but it adds a woody-earthy taste to the gin.


As big fans of almonds we use these in our gin to add to the overall mouth feel of the gin. The oils from the nut create a smooth taste and feel to the back of the mouth, offsetting the natural bitterness of alcohol. For those with nut allergies don’t worry because the nut protein does not come through to the gin during the distillation process.


Cloves are used to balance out the flavour of cinnamon and citrus within the gin to create a smooth taste to the gin.


These add a spicy, citrus and somewhat eucalyptus flavour to the gin.

Dill Tips

The dill tips have a sweet aromatic smell and create a lingering warmth and soft taste to the gin.


Used sparingly it adds a bit of spice to the gin to offset the citrus and balance it out in the gin.

Grains of Paradise

These dark brown berries add a hot, spicy, peppery flavour whist also adding to the smell hints of lavender and elderflower.

Black Pepper

The black pepper adds a sharpness to our gin and helps bring out the flavours.

Orris Root

This is from the bulb of the iris plant, it has a very strong perfume and adds to the smell of the gin.

Cassia (Cinnamon)

A member of the cinnamon family, it gives a bit of a spicy edge to the gin.

Angelica Root

This is gives the gin a nutty flavour and helps to bind some of the ingredients together and balance out some of the citrus flavours.

Fresh Lime

We love the taste of lime and most regard it as an essential with the classic gin and tonic. We add fresh lime peel into our gin to add to the citrus lime flavour.

Fresh Lemon

We use the peel of a fresh lemon in our gin to give a fresh flavouring to our gin making it easy to drink after a long hot day.

Fresh Orange

We also use the peel of a fresh orange in our gin to add to the citrus flavour complementing the strong coriander taste which is great for those who typically aren’t a big fan of coriander.

Now you know what makes up our signature gin please head to the gin section of our store to buy a bottle and taste the balance of the flavours.

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